Essay // Why Andrea Pirlo remains an incomparable master of finesse:

Here we are, the Euros have  concluded, and it might be fair to say June so far, has been full of excitement over a surprisingly unpredictable sporting drama in Poland & Ukraine.

Big names have been accustomed to the bitter slice of sporting reality, seeing the exit doors with their heads not always high. The ingenuity of experience got the best out of the lions, and veterans graciously sent an echoing statement in redefining their perceived image to the football industry.

Italy gave the world a taste of their very own brand of football throughout the tournament, ending in the final as underdogs to Spain. Their talismanic long-haired playmaker was once again believed to shine along with the scintillating Balotelli. Unfortunately for the…READ THE REST BY CLICKING HERE

03.07.2012 | Danny J. D’Purb |


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