Essay // Spanish heart & German blood – Why Mario Gomez would find “Love” in the most multicultural league on Earth:

The Euros have unleashed their magic over the nation of football and England have so far ensured the absence of grey clouds over moods. A totally different situation in Poland where their elimination not only saddens me as their efforts were phenomenal but takes a fair amount of excitement out of the tournament – now that Ukraine has also seen the exit door.

Racism has been occupying the headlines – as predicted – and it seems like the thin line between patriotism and jingoism continues to shrink, while the world comes to term with the reality over states of behavioral modernity in some parts of our planet… yes, even in 2012.

All that said, the game still in my mind seems…CLICK HERE TO READ

20.06.2012 | Danny J. D’Purb |


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