Essay // GTA V: 10 Reasons You’d Be Insane Not To Play

The thought of me even writing this comes as weird… unless you’ve just been allowed to use your dad’s PS3 or you were in cryogenic sleep for the last 10 years, a publisher known as Rockstar Games has been haunting & rewriting the lives of millions. Yes! How? Well, not by preaching but by dreaming. A dream so big that the spiritual escape the product gave instated the title in the halls of Pop Culture history. Maybe Michael Jackson tops the list, but even if Niko Bellic can’t moonwalk (Dr. Ski Z. Frenn can!) he still kicks some serious a** with his thick accent and dodgy barnet.

Rockstar North in all this would be the cool kid in the school yard. From 1997 to 2009, the franchise saw over 14 titles storm the gaming realm on all platforms, and Rockstar North’s Vice City, San Andreas and most recently, Grand Theft Auto IV, turned kids (those with parents cool enough to say “F***” loudly in the house) to dads into babies. Babies, drooling on the next car to steal, drooling on the next fool to run over, drooling over the exaggerated yet unbelievably “realistic” mayhem the digital architects at the Rockstar studios treated the world to.

GTA IV is still keeping chipsets hot all over the world, and its much awaited sequel seems to haunt the sleep of many. So… without further ado, I bring to you 10 reasons you’d be…READ THE REST BY CLICKING HERE

24.09.2012 | Danny J. D’Purb as Dr. Ski Z. Frenn for
:: Dr. Ski Z. Frenn is a partially fictitious persona created by Danny J. D’Purb


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