Essay // 10 Reasons You’re Never Too Old To Be A Gamer

In a generation where the urge to judge comes as norm, being a gamer can sometimes lead to some “funny” questions. Is pixelised indulgence deemed as utterly unacceptable after a very specific birthday? Does taking a day off to enjoy a freshly ordered title suggest an unhealthy psyche or immaturity?

As the clock continues its never-ending march towards eternity, a generation of avid gamers find themselves having to deal with diaper-changing, deadline meeting and house-holding duties, but they still play. The extra dimension technology adds to modern gaming takes it to another level from the days of Space Invaders – with packages using mind-blowing physics and jaw-dropping graphics to deliver unique experiences.

Clearly a major part of culture worldwide, gaming has been uniting generations and nationalities through its virtual realm while providing a clean and safe way of disconnecting from everyday life. But, can one be too old to be a gamer? Would a lawyer, doctor, dentist, chef, professional athlete, or even the Prime Minister (President?) be qualified as “sad” or “out of order”, should they express a passion for gaming? An atavistic answer to this (take Boris Johnson’s views for example) might come across as “disconnected” and bordering on Philistine stubbornness & hate…[CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE]

03.11.2012 | Danny J. D’Purb |


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